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About Australia Skill Select Immigration Regime

Australia Skill select is a major tool that has made elementary changes in the functioning of skilled immigration regime. We can justifiably term implementation of this new platform as overhaul of complete skilled migration system. Implemented on July 01 2012, it strives to completely change the way the Australian authorities look for immigrants. This new and ambitious immigration initiative is Aussie Labour pool demand centric and would help the authorities effectively address structural deficiencies (based on Skilled Occupation List) in country labour market to a great extent. Immigration authorities would now also be to control the influx of the professionals and trained workers, through skilled immigration route, as per the needs and demands of states, government agencies, domestic industries and sectors. It would also help the states and regions to locate qualified people with suitable profiles for nominations and settlement in regional parts of the country.

How Australia Skill Select immigration regime works

Skill select is a platform for skilled immigrants that will function similarly to a pre-stored database of the talent and skills. An Expression of Interest (EOI) document will play pivotal role in the functioning of this system. This document will be created free of charge by the aspiring immigrants for skilled migration based on the nominated skills in skilled occupation list (SOL) or business investment in form of a profile that will be stored on the skill select platform for a period of 2 years.
There will be certain preliminaries that will have to be completed before a candidate creates a profile in the EOI pool:
- A designated evaluation agency accesses his skills.
- Proving English linguistic skills through appropriate language test as IELTS.

The profile created will be stored on this system for a period of 2 years or till the applicant receives and invitation to file application for visa. The application will lapse if the applicant is not chosen within 2 years of the filing of the EOI application.
The immigration agencies, employers and the regional governments will be able access the database of the applicants opting for employer sponsored visa and state nomination. Those selected can file for immigration application.
The independent skilled migration will rely on the point based evaluation of a profile and qualified profiles securing minimum cutoff mark will be ranked according to the marks secured by a particular profile.
Quite obviously, highest ranked profiles – filed in the EOI pool - will get more attention and priority in the invitation process. After each round of the invitation process a new minimum cut-off mark will be hence announced for the convenience of the applicants and new invitations sent accordingly. One of the major advantages expected of this system is substantially reducing the processing times of an application, which will help the Department of Immigration and citizenship to weed out deadwood and focus on practical and workable profiles.

Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa

Skilled Independent (Sub-Class 189) Visa is meant for the professionals and tradespersons willing to apply under independent stream of skilled immigration to Australia. This visa is available only though invite. The process for this visa section starts with submission of expression of interest – EOI in skill select platform. This EOI application is filled with information that includes but is not limited to positive skills assessment and required IELTS score. The EOI submission relies on the exploring of the relevant occupation indicated in Skilled Occupation List – SOL.

Skilled – Nominated (Sub-class 190) Visa

Skilled – Nominated (sub-class 190) visa is for the aspirants sponsored by a state/province of Australia. The first step to avail such a visa is to create a profile on skill select platform through expression of interest – EOI. The EOI will be created in accordance with the availability of the trade in skilled occupation list – SOL. This category relies on nomination by an Australian state for a particular trade. You can file EOI application with valid and positive skills assessment and required IELTS score.

Skilled – Nominated or sponsored (Provisional) (Sub-class 489) Visa

Nominated or Sponsored (provisional) (Sub-Class 489) Visa is a temporary entry permission that is available on endorsement of your candidature either by a provincial/state authority or by a qualified relative defined and deemed as eligible for sponsorship. Proceedings for this visa are initiated by creation of a profile by way of expression Of Interest – EOI on skill select platform. EOI can be created for an occupation indicated in skilled occupation list – SOL. EOI must also indicate you preference of state you wish to be nominated by or details of relative you wish to be sponsored by. In case you do not choose any specific state your details will be available for access to all provincial authorities.

Employer nomination scheme (Sub-class 186) Visa

Employer Nomination Scheme (Sub-class 186) visa is for overseas workers and for migrant workers already residing in Australia on temporary visa. This is part of permanent employer nomination scheme.

Business innovation and investment (Provisional) (Sub-class 188) Visa

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Sub-class188) visa is part of Australian Business innovation and investment program aimed at boosting the business scenario in various parts of the country thereby generating economic benefits for the domestic economy. This visa is available on invitation only. The proceedings for this visa are initiated by creating a profile through Expression of Interest –EOI on Skill Select platform under business innovator or Investor categories. You can indicate the states you want to choose or leave the option open to be picked up by any province as per their requirements.

Business innovation and investment (Residence) (Sub-class 888) Visa

Business Innovation and investment (Residence) (subclass – 888) Visa is a second stage visa of business innovation and investment program.

Australia Sub-class 457 Visa

Australia Sub Class 457 Visa is a temporary permission for the entry of the migrants who have been sponsored by an employer in Australia to work in a trade which is endorsed by the authorities. Nomination of a worker can be done by an employer for the trades where they are unable to source the expertise from the local market.
Australia Subclass 457 visa is temporary entry permission for the migrants who have been sponsored by an Australian employer to work in a trade endorsed by authorities. An employer can nominate an overseas worker for trades where they are unable to source requisite expertise from local market.

Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) Visa

Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) visa is available by invitation only. The proceedings to obtain this visa are initiated by creating a profile through an Expression of interest – EOI on Skill select platform. While filing an EOI choice of sponsoring state can be indicated.


Permanent Resident Visa

WAY TO ABROAD consulting Fee Plan
Option 1 – Pay in Installments:
- Installment I: Initial retainer payable at the time of signing of the contract of engagement against which comprehensive guidance on forms and documents will be provided and skills assessment application filed –
- Installment 2: Payable after receipt of the positive skills assessment, required IELTS score and prior to filing of the EOI application –
- Installment 3: Payable after being selected from pool of applications filed under the EOI process –

Skills assessment and Government application fee
- Skills assessment (Non-refundable) - AUD 350 to 1000 - Government application fee (Non-refundable)

Processing Fee for Principal Applicant

AUD 3520

Processing Fee for spouse

AUD 1760

Processing Fee for Per Child Under 18 Years

AUD 880


Canada – Immigration options

Canada is one of the richest and the largest countries in the world, offering state of the art facilities to all its residents and citizens. The country has always welcomed professionals and people of foreign origin with open arms. The Canadian government considers its immigrant population as an asset which has led to the development of its economy.

Many different migration options have been set by the country and the provinces for a prospective immigrant to decide. These programs are one of the oldest and most popular. Most of these visa options cater to Permanent Resident status for the immigrants from the first day of landing. The visa programs include the following:

Skilled Migrant Visas - Federal Skilled Professional Program o Quebec Skilled Migrant program - Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for skilled professionals

Programs for investor and businessmen
- Quebec Immigrant investor program - Canada Provincial Nominee Programs for businessmen and investors

Skilled Migrant Visas

Highly skilled and well qualified professionals always find a niche for themselves in the Canadian job market. Many Canadian employers hire foreign nationals, especially in those professions and trade where there is a shortage of skills in the local labour market. There are two types of Skilled Migrant visas:

Federal Skilled Worker/Professional Program (FSW)
The federal skilled worker/Professional Program is for those individuals and their dependent family members, who wish to live and work in Canada. Under the FSW program, a prospective immigrant needs to prove his eligibility on the Points Based System. He must score points based on his age, academic qualifications and work experience, English language skills and adaptability factors. Here, an applicant must earn the prescribed minimum pass mark under the Points Based System. With this, the work experience should match with the one of the open occupations mentioned in the list of open occupations brought out by the Canadian government from time to time. Open occupation list for the year 2014, applicable with effect from 1st May, 2014, has been recently introduced. The open occupation list under which the applications can be filed under federal skilled worker program consists of 50 occupations. There is an individual quota of 1000 per occupation and overall limit of 25,000 applications, whichever is earlier, for the year 2014.
The candidates eligible under this program need not have a job offer in prior, neither a sponsorship from a blood relative and so on. Instead, they would be permitted to file an application for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa based on simple requirement of meeting point based eligibility criteria. Those granted permanent residence visa under the FSW program are entitled to all the basic rights post landing in Canada – including right employment and/or do business, education for self and children, medical and social security benefits and much more.
The biggest perk is that an applicant can get to be the citizen of Canada at a later stage. More so, he becomes a full-fledged Permanent Resident in Canada from day one of landing and is entitled to all related benefits, including visa free international travels to major countries across the world.

Federal Skilled Worker/Professional Program (FSW)

1.       Senior Managers – Financial, Communications and other Business Services (NOC 0013)

2.       Software Engineers and Designers

3.       Senior Managers – Trade, Broadcasting and Other Services, n.e.c. (0015)

4.       Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers (2174)

5.       Financial Managers (0111)

6.       Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2232)

7.       Human Resources Managers (0112)

8.       Construction Estimators (2234)

9.       Purchasing Managers (0113)

10.   Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2241)

11.   Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers (0121)

12.   Industrial Instrument Technicians and Mechanics (2243)

13.   Managers in Health Care (0311)

14.   Inspectors in Public and Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety (2263)

15.   Construction Managers (0711)

16.   Computer Network Technicians (2281)

17.   Home Building and Renovation Managers (0712)

18.   Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors (3011)

19.   Managers in Natural Resources Production and Fishing (0811)

20.   Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses (3012)

21.   Manufacturing Managers (0911)

22.   Specialist Physicians (3111)

23.   Financial Auditors and Accountants (1111)

24.   General Practitioners and Family Physicians (3112)

25.   Financial and Investment Analysts (1112)

26.   Dietitians and Nutritionists (3132)

27.   Securities Agents, Investment Dealers and Brokers (1113)

28.   Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists (3141)

29.   Other Financial Officers (1114)

30.   Physiotherapists (3142)

31.   Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations (1123)

32.   Occupational Therapists (3143)

33.   Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Office Workers (1212)

34.   Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists (3214)

35.   Property Administrators (1224)

36.   Medical Radiation Technologists (3215)

37.   Geoscientists and Oceanographers (2113)

38.   Medical Sonographers (3216)

39.   Civil Engineers (2131)

40.   Licensed Practical Nurses (3233)

41.   Mechanical Engineers (2132)

42.   Paramedical Occupations (3234)

43.   Electrical and Electronics Engineers (2133)

44.   University Professors and Lecturers (4011)

45.   Petroleum Engineers (2145)

46.   Psychologists (4151)

47.   Information Systems Analysts and Consultants (2171)

48.   Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (4214)

49.   Database Analysts and Data Administrators (2172)

50.   Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters (5125)


Skilled Worker Program


Principal Applicant

CAD 550

Spouse and each dependent child above 22 years

CAD 550

Each Child below 22 years

CAD 150



Principal Applicant

CAD 490


CAD 490


  • 1. All Government fee are subject to change without notice;
  • 2. Check on precise applicable fee amount in Indian Rupees from our staff.
  • 3. One CAD = INR 55/- approximately; the foreign exchange rate keeps on changing and therefore please check the latest exchange rate while planning your budget.
  • 4. Service tax extra@ 12.36%
  • - Installment one retainer and Installment 2 on receipt of file acceptance at CIO, Nova Scotia
  • - Above fee does NOT include the fee of Quebec authorized representative. His fee is available for an additional fee of CAD 1500.
  • - Service tax extra@12.36%

Canada Provincial Nominee

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another option for Canadian migration. If an applicant has already decided where he would like to reside in Canada, he can apply under this program. The PNP is specific to each and every province in the country with the states having autonomy over its guidelines. Under this program, applicants with relevant work experience, skills and academic qualifications are nominated by the particular Provincial governments to contribute to its economy. These immigrants would be granted the status of Permanent Residents of that particular province. However, in majority of PNPs, the applicant may be required to have a job offer from a provincial employer to become eligible for nomination by the province and apply for permanent resident visa thereafter. Of late some of the provinces (like Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan) have started coming out with programs where applications can be filed by skilled professionals without job offers as well. For those intending to settle in the province of Quebec, a separate application has to be filed and a Quebec Selection Certificate has to be obtained from the Quebec government.

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