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Visa Guidance

Once the student has received an offer letter from the university/ college, we guide him in preparing the various documents required for obtaining a student's visa.

Visa Application Form:

Our counsellors at Way To Abroad are trained to assist you in completing the visa application for required to obtain a student visa. It is imperative that clear information is provided on the application form which may include your education, family work experience, character and medical information depending on the country for which the visa is being applied. Most often than not, students find it difficult as to what information is being requested on the form since the question can be confusing.

SOP Assistance

Statement of Purpose is a very important document and is crucial for Immigration Department to take a positive decision regarding your student visa application. Serious and careful preparation of the SOP is a must. We help the students in the preparation of appropriate SOPs.

Way To Abroad Immigration has developed a complete ‘Application Support Kit’, which includes:

  • • SOP Guidelines
  • • SOP Dos and Don’ts
  • • Sample SOP

A Statement of Purpose must focus on future career plans, reason for taking this course and your past study. It should give an overview about yourself, your mindset and also your quality of English. This statement forms a vital part of your application and helps the University to assess an application. It should include:

  • • The reason why you wish to study your chosen subject.
  • • Any experience you have to past study related to your chosen subject.
  • • Any employment experience.
  • • The reasons you wish to study in the chosen university.
  • • Your ambitions / goals / expectations.
  • • Personal and other areas of interest (Hobbies, sports, social or leisure).
  • • Any other information, which you feel, will support your application

Mock Immigration Interviews:

Immigration Interviews are the most critical aspect of the application process which may lead to a negative decision on your application. Students who have recently completed their studies and are in experienced may find Immigration Interviews difficult to handle due to nervousness. Our team will help you build the confidence you require through proper coaching and conditioning.

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