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Way To Abroad Immigration processes applications for all Universities and Colleges as a single-window service, which best suits the student given their academic commitments. We ensure that the institutions applied for are fully accredited and reputed. Once students come to Way To Abroad Immigration, they get top-class services all at one place and all their needs are looked after professionally.

Why Way To Abroad Immigration Consultant?

With easy access to the World Wide Web (Internet), increased international travel and heightened global awareness, there is a lot of exposure towards global education. However, the information overload and opportunity explosion is such that it more often leads to confusion than clarity and often students land up in countries or Institutions that do not meet their education or career requirements.

This is where Way To Abroad is indispensable - To remove confusion and to guide towards the right direction.

Our staff understands the potential, reviews the profile, financial capabilities, future aspirations and interest of the student to suggest appropriate Courses, Universities and Countries to ensure that ambitions, goals and aspirations of the student are appropriately realized.

Our services are unique, because they are tailored to suit the individual needs. An applicant who utilizes the services of Way To Abroad not only achieves his/her desire to move abroad but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly at the new destination.

Way To Abroad Advantage:

Services Way To Abroad Other Leading Consultants Way To Abroad Immigration Advantage
Free Student Services Yes Very Few Expert services delivered FREE OF COST right throughout the counseling, application to the universities and visa guidance.
Privilege Offers like –
Foreign Exchange Discounts etc.
Available Not Available Save good amount of money
Value Added Services (SOP, Essay, Recommendation Letters etc.) Available Very Few Cost effective
Comprehensive online support with student log-in facility Yes Not Available End to end solution delivered online to enable transparent process.
Choice of many universities in Denmark, Hungry, Holland, Norway, Finland, Malta, Germany etc. Available Only Some Wider variety of courses
Course options ranging from Four Lakh per Semester Available Very Few We have a variety of different Study options feasible within the reach of you budget.
Comprehensive Course Searches (Stream-Wise) Available Not Available Enabling students with limited financial ability to opt for Education.
International calling facility In House & Free Not Available Very easy to shortlist the courses according to the profile of the student.
Printing , photocopying and scanning In House & Free Not Available Enabling students to get first hand information from university and their international contacts
Course options for Students with low IELTS scores (E.g. overall score 5.0 bands) Yes Very Few Students save on time and enables swift processing
Creating awareness on countries with permanent residency options and courses Yes Not to  Elaborately We can offer courses for students with minimal or no English fluency at all
Free student Kits Yes No Very informative for students with cross country comparisons
Emphasis on Diploma Level Education Yes Very Few Students get a sling bag and a document manager and lots of other free promotional gifts along with kit.
Emphasis on Bachelor Level Education Yes Very Few Enabling students with 10+1 qualifications also to aspire Education and settlement
In house TOEFL and IELTS Test Date Booking Yes Very Few Students get a good Discount and free preparatory material and facility to pay by cash, debit card or credit card.
Scholarships Information Yes Very Few Students get up to-date information on scholarships

At Way To Abroad, making you achieve your goal of studying abroad is our mission!


Select your course of interest in the institutes which has mainly 4 sectors:
• Universities.
• Colleges.
• Vocational Education & Training schools.
• Language training Schools.
As you search for each sector you will find information on qualifications, course duration, entry requirements and information about the world-class facilities for teaching, learning & research.

Decide the level of your study
In University courses are offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD level for the various courses. The Schools offer an education that is highly interactive, encourages Students to participate and develop personal skills and confidence. Universities offer a wide range of subjects in English.


One has a wide range to choose from schools & universities. You will need to find out which institution offers the Course you are interested in keeping in mind the language of instruction. The Student must meet minimum academic requirements to be accepted into specific courses. Each institution has its own entry requirement so it varies from institution to institution. Evidence of English language proficiency is required for some educational institutions Depending on your proposed Study Sector.


Once you have decided your education Institution. The next Step is to fill your application form and attach all your educational documents along with it. After filling in your application form, you should attach all the required documents & submit them to Way To Abroad head office in New Delhi. Our company will send your documents to the respective institute of your choice and Institution will assess your application and if successful, the institution will send you an offer letter.


Indian students holding a valid Indian passport must have a valid student visa for the duration of their studies in any country. Firstly, one needs to fill in the application form for the student visa and prepare his visa file. The visa file will consist of the official admission letter from the university /college where you have been accepted as a students your educational documents, IELTS card score if available, visa forms, your financial bank statements depending upon the country you have choose to study. Once the visa file is completed it is submitted in the respective embassy for processing. If your application is successful you will be issued a Visa allowing you to travel backwards and forwards to the respective country within the period for which the VISA is granted.

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